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Revitalizing Consumer Messaging

with women's financial wellness app Knomee


Knomee is a financial wellness app that uses behavioral science to help consumers master how they build financial plans.


Knomee recognized they needed stronger consumer messages to meet their goal of acquiring more app users.

Proposed image for Knomee client
Knomee original website image
Knomee original website image


Before OakBloom, Knomee struggled with clearly articulating their value in accessible consumer messaging.

Messages across their site included jargon that muddled how they communicated with potential users.


TLDR: OakBloom prioritized understanding Knomee's strengths & the core drivers of their consumer targets — U.S. professional women.

Breaking down Knomee's audience

Driven and high-achieving, this demographic is motivated in every other part of their lives, yet 72% of women still lack a financial plan.

Consumer research and interviews provided by Knomee made it clear to us that these women needed messages that acknowledged what's currently broken in financial planning and activated that same high-achieving drive they had in other parts of their lives. This would be the secret sauce to connect them with Knomee's value. How?

Leveraging Knomee's advantages 

We honed in on Knomee's biggest, differentiated strength: that they're an app focused on the psychology behind financial goals and motivations. Why is psychology valuable? Because it can change your behaviors for the longterm:


Knomee not only helps with financial planning and extending wealth, but helps women build skills and knowledge to confidently build better, richer financial lives — forever.


TLDR: OakBloom built new key messages that remove financial jargon & focused on accessible messages that tapped into Knomee's ultimate consumer value.

Swap jargon for consumer-friendly terminology


Knomee's web content and overarching consumer narrative was filled with financial jargon. Based on consumer research, we knew that same industry jargon alienates Knomee's target users.


Our new messaging focused on shifting terminology like "financial identity," to accessible language like, "money mindset," which taps into existing language used in the financial wellness space. It also focused on the broader vision and purpose of Knomee's app to ensure messages remained adaptable for the longterm

Focus messages on the payout of using Knomee 

We recommended shifting messaging so that it focused on Knomee's ultimate, long-term value. Knomee helps women gain the skills to confidently communicate with financial providers and understand what their financial journey should look like. After all, money is personal. It's emotional. It's a whole lot that a typical budget app can't tell you, and that can impact your entire financial plan.



TLDR: We developed a new tagline and key messages that inspire action from Knomee's target users. Knomee can now use this foundational messaging across web, investor pitch decks, & more.

New tagline:​

Thrive financially. Master your money mindset.

New positioning: 

Knomee is the financial wellness app that empowers women to thrive financially by mastering their money mindset. 

Proposed Knomee website messaging & creative

Backed by behavioral science, Knomee facilitates guided discovery of users’ financial goals, beliefs, and values. These insights inform a personalized MoneyMindset profile that reveals users’ priorities so they overcome doubt and build wealth with confident clarity. 

App insights can also be shared with Knomee-vetted advisors to improve advisor-client communication during financial planning - all on the user’s terms.

OakBloom Marketing transformed our brand messaging.


Prior to working with OakBloom, we struggled with a clear and aspirational narrative to drive customer adoption.


Jeanel and Emily ramped up quickly and worked tirelessly to understand us, our goals, and our priority audiences. They candidly flagged hurdles with existing messaging and built compelling, differentiated messages that hit the core value of our company.


OakBloom delivered a perfect 10 in brand brilliance! We plan to deploy the messaging soon and I highly recommend OakBloom to tech companies seeking creative, organized, and results-driven marketing to support brand strategy, messaging, and communications.



Marla Sofer
Knomee CEO

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