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  • Jeanel Carlson

Happy New Year! Celebrating the Launch of OakBloom Marketing

Updated: Apr 1

With the dawn of 2024, we're excited to announce a new endeavor that reimagines what marketing teams can ask of their agency partners. Introducing, OakBloom Marketing!

Uncertain economic times and the unpredictability of tech layoffs have forced marketing teams to become leaner than ever before. And when pressure is high and teams are lean, burnout is imminent.

Ideal for understaffed startups, we’ve built OakBloom as a fractional solution for B2B technology companies with overstretched marketing teams. What is fractional marketing? Adaptable and scalable, we plug into teams to offer support across services — from communications to content — with more cost flexibility than hiring equivalent in-house talent.

Success partners, not just service providers

We've seen it all during our decades-long combined marketing careers — in-house and at agencies. We know from experience that agency support often feels like a stopgap: neither a holistic nor strategic long-term solution.

Regardless of the services we provide to clients, our method focuses on deeply understanding your marketing team structure, business goals, and customers so we can share holistic recommendations.

We drive strategic marketing so you:

  • Stop organizational swirl and fill resource gaps to scale productivity for success.

  • Ignite team confidence by pinpointing measurable strategies that maximize business impact.

  • Foster customer trust as your business shines through messages and strategies that influence.

Connecting dots across your business maximizes the impact of our work — and protects your budget dollars. After all, not just good marketing but good marketing management can determine lasting success.

Cheers to a new way to agency

So, as we raise a toast to the possibilities that the New Year holds, we invite you to explore OakBloom Marketing, connect with us on social media, and embark on this exciting journey of growth and success together.

We wish you a joyous 2024 filled with prosperity and boundless opportunities. We appreciate your spreading the word about OakBloom Marketing, and we are grateful for the incredible journey ahead! Happy New Year! 🎉🌟

Ready to stop swirling? Contact us to explore how OakBloom Marketing can help you grow marketing success.


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