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  • Jeanel Carlson

Surprising LinkedIn Survey: Results Defy Gloom as More Layoffs Loom

Updated: Apr 2

We’re facing a triple onslaught: inflation, global conflicts, and the impending U.S. 2024 Presidential Election cast doubt over the economy and the right strategic approach to building company operations in 2024.

Yet, emerging from 2023, our community feels unexpectedly optimistic.

Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, we conducted an informal survey within our LinkedIn community to gauge sentiments towards this year’s economic outlook. The results were unexpectedly positive, offering a surprising contrast to prevailing news narratives. We asked, “What’s your take on the 2024 economy and company hiring?” Out of our respondents:

  • 38% expressed Optimism 🚀

  • 44% conveyed Cautious Hopefulness 🌱

  • 17% indicated Guarded Watchfulness 🤷‍♂️

  • No one felt Pessimistic 😬

While these findings offer a glimmer of hope, data suggests hiring may not be on the horizon and growth may come at the expense of organizations doubling down on leaner teams. Our colleagues have also shared anecdotal feedback that there’s an increased burden of over performance on smaller teams as organizations bank on AI and high performers to fill the gaps. Conservative re-hiring in 2024 is unlikely to match pandemic-level employment for the tech sector. So, if your team feels more stretched, you’re not alone.

Growth at all costs? Work-life balance is poised to drop.

The widespread layoffs of 2023 have left marketing teams juggling the responsibilities of eliminated roles. According to MarketWatch, "Tech layoffs [exceeded 240,000 in 2023,] more than 50% higher than in 2022." Organizations are also undergoing an employee experience recession - reducing employee well-being according to Forrester. What feels a bit unfair? Teams remain held to ambitious growth goals as companies plan for more cuts. Randstad RiseSmart projects that 92% of employers are gearing up for layoffs in 2024, to readjust for pandemic-related overstaffing. 

Strategic leaders are meeting goals and reducing burnout through fractional support.

Adaptable and scalable, fractional agencies plug into teams to offer support across services with more cost flexibility than hiring equivalent in-house talent. As partners, not just service providers, fractional agencies help company leaders and employees meet in the middle: they reduce burnout for employees and offer deeper support than traditional agencies. Fractional marketers connect dots across your business to maximize the impact of work, protecting your budget dollars. After all, not just good marketing but healthy teams and good marketing management determine lasting success.

OakBloom Marketing helps technology companies stop swirling and grow marketing success. Contact us here.


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